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Creating User-Friendly Online Forms

Lead capture forms are an essential tool for collecting requests from potential customers and clients. Poorly designed forms can overwhelm visitors and drive them away, badly hurting conversion rates. Learn how to make your forms more user-friendly and effective with these expert tips👇

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Fields
Keep your forms concise and easy to fill out. Ask only for information that is essential to your business goals or sales strategy. Often, fields like "name" and "phone number" are enough.

Use Clear Titles
Go with coherent and self-explanatory titles that cannot be interpreted in two ways. They provide visitors with a clear idea of the information they need to provide, reducing the chances of mistakes due to confusion.

Make Required Fields
Ensure that you can contact your leads by making certain fields mandatory. For example, while it's possible to contact someone with just their phone number even if you don't know their name, it doesn’t work the other way around.

Add Helpful Hints
Provide helpful hints or answer suggestions for fields that may take a minute to complete. For instance, if the form has a feedback section, you can list leading questions to prompt users to share their experiences with you.

Add a Strong CTA
Use a powerful CTA to encourage visitors to complete the form and highlight the benefits they'll receive. Avoid using vague language like "Send" or "Submit," and go with more specific phrases like "Get a call-back in 15 minutes" or "Book your free consultation."
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