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Magazine Style In Web Design

Magazine-style websites feature design techniques from print media, find out techniques that you can use for your future designs:

▪ Strong contrast in typography: Large headings, often spread across several lines, appear in elegant serif fonts. Body text is arranged in columns and comes in neutral and easy to read sans serif.

▪ Attention to details is reflected in the emphasis on first letters, the use of italics for certain words, thin lines, and large quotation marks as part of the design—these techniques come from magazine layouts.

▪ Abstract images set the mood are convey the atmosphere rather than literally illustrate the text. Such images are full of metaphors, white space, and muted colors.

▪ Composition: Transitions between blocks are not always emphasized by changing background. A website may look like a unified layout that, however, respects visual hierarchy.

😎 To create a magazine-style website on Tilda, you can use Leonardo, Flowers, and Grid templates from category Pro: https://tilda.cc/tpls/#zb
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