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🖋Typeface: IBM Plex Mono

⌨️ IBM Plex Mono is a monospaced typeface designed by IBM's Mike Abbink in collaboration with Bold Monday, a Dutch type foundry, in 2017.

The IBM Plex font family was designed as a balanced fusion of machine and handwritten elements to highlight the interconnection between humans and technologies. Use IBM Plex Mono for mobile app landing pages, developer websites, and digital projects-wherever you need to focus on technology.

This font is great for headings and short texts and works well with Inter and IBM Plex Sans.

💛 IBM Plex Mono is available for free on Tilda. To use it for your project, select the style you want at fonts.google.com, copy the link, go to Tilda → Site Settings → Fonts and Colors → Custom Settings → Google Fonts, and insert the link in the CSS Link field.

For your Tilda projects, you can use fonts from the built-in Tilda library, Adobe Fonts, Google Fonts, or upload your own font.

Learn more about setting project fonts 👉 https://help.tilda.cc/fonts
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