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New Block: IX06A. Simple Page Index

⚡️ The new block allows you to add a table of contents with icons, titles, and descriptions of each page. It's best to use where you need to update the list of links regularly, such as on a blog or portfolio Home Page.

As with the other blocks from the "Index" category, you don't need to add links manually: Just select the checkboxes for the pages you need in the Content tab. The title and description display automatically as they are specified in the Page Settings of the selected pages.

You can omit the description by selecting the "Hide description" checkbox in the Settings panel of the block. To show the page list in reverse order, select the "Reverse order" checkbox.

Three item sizes are available: Default, Large, and X-Large. Choose what suits you or customize the font size in the "Typography" tab.

The icon can be modified in the "Icon Styles" tab: Select one of the three pre-designed styles, specify the background and icon colors, and the icon width.

📌 Add this block to your page from the "Index" category.

Learn more about index pages and blogging on Tilda 👉 https://help.tilda.cc/index
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