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Renaissance Antiqua Typefaces

A well-chosen font matching the theme and mood of the project can bring the website design to the next level. To help you navigate the ocean of different fonts, we'll describe some of them in more detail. This post is about Renaissance Antiqua 👉

Antiqua is a style of serif typefaces with contrast between strokes. Renaissance Antiqua appeared in Northern Italy in the 15th and 16th centuries 🍕

✒️ The shape of strokes reminds of the broad edge pen calligraphy. You can see it from the ends of the strokes: The pen seems to have stopped at this point. They often have long ascenders and descenders, diagonal axes of oval letters, moderate contrast between thick and thin strokes, and large aperture, the openness of letter forms. This makes it elegant and light.

👉 What projects are Renaissance Antiqua fonts suitable for?

Use them in artsy long reads or educational websites about history. In business, they suit sophisticated gastro bars or beauty salon websites, fashion blogs, wedding invitations, and other projects where elegance matters.
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