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How to Create and Use Custom Page Templates

🗂 On Tilda, you can create your own templates. This is useful if you need to build similar landing pages or a multi-page website with pages of similar design. Create a page for your template, think through its structure, and add the blocks you need—all that's left to do is to add your content.

Another option is to use the template as your own block library. Add the blocks that you use all the time on the page, customize them, and go back to this template when you need to copy one of them for your project. This will speed up your workflow and will let you be in control of your designs—you won't need to change the spacing and verify heading font size on every page.

🔺 How to save a page with your design as a template?

To create a template, go to Page Settings → Additional and check the box "Save page as a template." Done! From now on, you can pick this page as a template from the "My Templates" tab every time you create a new page.

Please note that only Tilda Business Plan subscribers can create custom templates.

🔺 How to make custom templates accessible to the other users?

You can share custom templates with other people. To do this, you don't need to copy and transfer the page: you can simply share its unique number.

Here's how to share your custom template:
Open Page Settings → Additional, and check the box "Allow other users to create pages out of this template using its number." Send the unique template number to your friends or colleagues. To use this template on their account, when creating a new page, they need to click the "Enter Template ID" button under the list of templates and paste the template number.

Custom templates can be used by all Tilda customers.

Learn more about creating your own templates 👉 https://help.tilda.cc/page-template
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