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Observing a Problem: Some Websites Using the HTTPS Protocol Fail to Load

Repeated outage on the side of our partner (Variti) that ensures the SSL Certificates issue and the correct operation of the websites over HTTPS.
If your website fails to open, we recommend that you change the IP address for your domain.

To change the IP address, please follow these steps:
  1. On Tilda, go to Site Settings → Domain and copy the IP address that is recommended by the system.
  2. Open your domain registar's website → go to the control panel and specify the recommended IP address.
  3. Go back to Tilda → open Site Settings → SEO → HTTPS → disable HTTPS. Then enable HTTPS again.

Please find the detailed guide here: http://help.tilda.cc/customdomain

If you have an active HTTP →  HTTPS redirect, please temporarily disable it so that your website uses HTTP.

If you have any difficulties, please contact our support team from your personal account (click on the question mark widget in the lower left corner). We will help you to fix the issue.
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