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Why Your Website Should Have a Blog

Blog is a space to share your personal or business news and articles. It helps entrepreneurs reach new clients, increase trust, and keep the audience engaged. Learn more about the benefits of blogging.

👉🏼 Increase Search Traffic
Blog posts bring visitors to the website from search engines. Valuable and unique content ranks well and boosts the website in search results.

Also, you can organically include keywords in blog posts—something you can't add to other website sections such as product titles or captions.

👉🏼 In-Depth Product Descriptions
You can explain product features and benefits in detail and address potential doubts in your blog posts. If you sell products or services that require training, post educational content such as how-to guides or checklists.

Showcasing behind-the-scenes stories is another blogging opportunity. For instance, if you run an online clothing store, write about fabric selection or describe the production process of a new collection.

👉🏼 Show Your Expertise
Expert content can catch the attention of your target audience and gain their trust. Share your opinions relevant to the industry professionals: If you’re selling marketing courses, talk about successful case studies, popular marketing tools, or latest trends.

👉🏼 Share News & Updates
A newsfeed is handy for informing visitors about your business activities: Write about important events, new releases, product updates, etc. It’s a nice blogging option for online services—by sharing new features, you show that the service is constantly improving.

👉🏼 Bring The Team Together
Not only can you blog for potential clients, but also for your team. An internal blog informs employees about latest news, plans, and processes within the organization. Well-developed internal communications help connect departments, bring teams together, and provide timely notification of important changes.

Feeds comes in handy for publishing news and blog posts. It’s a built-in Tilda blogging tool that automates posting and content categorizing and simplifies layout design.

More on Tilda Feeds 👉🏼 https://tilda.cc/lp/feeds
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