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How to Track Your Tilda Website Performance

🍀 Statistics is the main indicator of how well your website is performing. It gives you insights on why users open the website, where they come from and how they leave, what they do on the website, and whether they buy something. By analyzing stats, you can improve your web pages based on user behavior.

Tilda has a built-in module to track the key performance metrics such as page views, number of sessions, leads, referral sources, devices, events, UTM tags, etc. To check your Tilda stats, go to Site Settings → Analytics → Website Statistics.

🛒 You can also track your ecommerce stats on Tilda. See the number of orders, total sales, conversion rate, and average check for a given period in the "Online Store" tab.

If you need tools for more sophisticated website performance analysis, such as a heatmap, use Google Analytics. Connect it with a single click in Site Settings → Analytics.

More on how to track stats 👉 https://help.tilda.cc/statistics
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