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Student Activity In Online Courses

In the Course Statistics, you can now track the students' activity. It shows how many students complete lectures successfully and highlights those who might be struggling to begin the course. You can either display data for the last month with a day-by-day breakdown, or for the last year with a month-by-month view.

The current activity graph shows data on active students monthly or daily, the number of lectures opened, and attempts to pass assignments. The table below the graph duplicates the graph data by day or month respectively and additionally shows data by student device (percentage of active students from desktop and mobile devices) and median study time (half of students spent more than this time in lectures, half less).

The "New student activity" graph shows a comparison between the total number of added students and those who actually have started the course. You can use it to track how long it takes for students to start learning. These data is also presented in the form of a table, which additionally shows the median time elapsed from enrollment of students who started the course during this period.

Where to find: Members → Courses → Course Statistics → Activity.

Learn more about student activity statistics in the Members Area: https://help.tilda.cc/courses#activity-stats.
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