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How To Create Impressive Presentations Without Designer’s Help

Narrow Down Your Topic

Narrow down the chosen topic till you have 10 clear talking points.

Broad topic: “What is public speaking” ❌

Narrow topic: “How to cope with the fear of speaking in public” ✅

Define Specific Goals

Defining clear presentation objectives starts with a question: What do I want to change in the audience's behavior?

Abstract goal: Show that the product is good ❌

Specific goal: Convince pet owners to have their pets vaccinated annually ✅

Make a Script Using Storytelling

A script is a step-by-step plan on how you can achieve your goal.

Approach your presentation as a story: Intrigue the audience with the powerful opening, create interesting characters, and guide them through the plot twists—talking points—to a meaningful conclusion.

Make It Look Consistent

If each slide type is based on the same layout grid, people quickly get familiar with the structure and don’t need to spend energy on figuring out every time what is primary and what is secondary.

Use ready-made templates for every slide type (text-based, image-based, chart-based, etc.)

Inspire Your Audience With an Action Plan

Conclude your presentation by giving an action plan, so people know exactly what you want them to do next.

This doesn't have to be a specific call to action. You can just highlight the key takeaways, or share sources where the additional info on the topic can be found.

Do not end your speech with "That's it. Any questions?"

How To Create Presentations On Tilda

Start from a template, customize pre-designed blocks, and convert a web page into slides by adding block T203. You can quickly share the link to your presentation or export slides as PDF files. And no designer's help needed.

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