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🎓 5 Online Course Types

If you are a business owner, a creator, or a professional developing your personal brand, you may want to share your knowledge and grow your audience, monetize your expertise, or engage your existing followers.

However, building a successful online course can be challenging if you're unsure of what type of course to create. Discover 5 online course types and choose the right one for your needs👇

1. Cohort-Based Courses
Collaborative activities (often live sessions) under the guidance of instructors, personalized feedback, and shared deadlines help to foster a sense of community and shared learning.

Great for intensive programs, masterclasses, or bootcamps.

2. Self-Paced Courses
Automated courses monetize expertise by offering self-paced online programs with pre-recorded content, interactive quizzes, and automated enrollment, delivery, and tracking. One-time effort for a long-term impact.

Great for evergreen topics or high-demanded skills (as long as you're willing to update it from time to time).

3. Challenges & Sprints
A step-by-step course designed as a sprint for 5, 10, 30 days, etc. Very intense and inspiring format that works great for sports, nutrition, arts & crafts or any other hobby people are willing to start.

4. Corporate Training Programs
Online employee training is aimed at enhancing their skills remotely and stay adaptable in the workplace. It might involve interactive modules on topics like cybersecurity protocols, diversity and inclusion awareness, or sales techniques.

Great for teams willing to improve.

5. Microlearning Modules
Bite-sized lessons that deliver focused content on specific topics, designed for quick consumption and easy integration into busy schedules. Content may vary from one tip per day short videos, flashcards, infographics to mini podcast episodes and quick quizzes.

Great for trying out a new language, self-development courses, learning finance, etc.
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