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👩‍🎓 Course Builder Updates

In the Online Course Builder, it is now possible to expand the editing panel for improved visibility, edit text styles under signup forms, and export Tilda-made courses to third-party learning platforms. Learn more about the latest updates👇
Enhanced Content Editor
Creating course content is now simpler than ever. You can expand the editing panel to improve visibility of all content, making it easier to review and edit.
Some minor updates to speed up course creation: Save and close a lecture with a single button. When creating a test, the first question is generated automatically. Similarly, when creating homework graded by criteria, the first criterion is set by default.
Edit Text Style Under the Signup Form
Enter your text and attach a customizable link under the form so that members can quickly check your privacy policy or any other document before creating an account.
Where to find: Members Area Settings → Login & Signup Page Settings → Text Under Signup Form.
Course Export
You can post the Tilda-made course to any learning platform that supports IMS Common Cartridge. All lecture types and tasks are available for export. Note that student progress and grades cannot be exported due to the limitations of the IMS CC format.
Where to find: Course Settings → Export course.
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