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Automatic Tax Calculation In Stripe

😎 You can now enable automatic tax calculation based on the buyers' location if you use the Stripe payment system for your Tilda online store. It's a great time-saver if you're selling to multiple states or internationally since you don't need to work out what taxes you have to pay and where.

Let's say, you sell beach cosmetics in California, Arizona, and Texas, as well as in Portugal and Spain. Taxes are different in all these places but you don't need to think about it as they will be automatically calculated and applied to each order accordingly.

Stripe checks what country the order comes from, calculates the correct tax for each order, and simplifies the tax registration and payment process with the help of detailed reports for the market of each country you are registered in. It also validates the EU VAT ID and Australian ABN number when needed.

👉 To enable the feature, go to the Site Settings → Payment Systems → Stripe → Tax Calculation. Then select if you want the tax to be included in product prices or add it at the checkout.

If you only sell products in one state or country and the tax rate is always the same, you can specify the fixed tax rate by yourself. To do this, select the "Fixed tax rate" option and paste the tax rate ID from your Stripe account.
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