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Advanced Interface Mode

⚡️Tilda Dashboard Update: Advanced Interface Mode is available for projects with 20+ pages. Search, sorting, and bulk actions with pages are now available. Lists of pages and project cards are reduced in size which makes navigation easier. Page URLs are displayed in a separate column for clarity.

Discover new Dashboard features that simplify working with pages in your projects.

You can search pages by title, URL address, label, or comment.

You can sort pages alphabetically, by published and modified date.

Bulk actions
You can select several pages and perform the following actions to all of them: delete, duplicate, publish & unpublish, and move to another folder or project.

If your project contains more than 100 pages, pagination by 100 will be enabled.

How to activate: The prompt to enable the Advanced Mode pops up in your Dashboard once you go to a project with more than 20 pages. You can enable or disable the Advanced Mode in the Profile tab → Enable Advanced Interface Mode.
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