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How to Sell Beautifully With Zero Block

🛍 If you want to create a customized product card for your online store, you can do it using Tilda's built-in editor Zero Block. You'll be able to design freely and add extra elements to reach your goals. Here's how to do it in 3 steps.

1. Design the product card in Zero Block editor: Add the title and the name of the product, its description, and additional info. Also, decide what element visitors should click to go to the payment page or to add a product to the cart. You can use a button, a shape, or any other element—the main thing is to ensure users easily understand how to make a purchase.

2. Add a link to the chosen button looking like #order:Product Title=100, where 100 is the product price. If you want the product preview to appear when it's added to the cart, use the link looking like #order:Product Title=100:::image=URL, where the URL is the image address. You can copy the URL of the image you've already uploaded to Tilda.

3. Remember to add a block for direct purchase or a shopping cart block to the page and to connect the payment system. Then publish the page. Done!

By clicking on the selected element, visitors get to the payment page or add the product to the cart—just as it works with standard blocks from the "Store" category.

📌 Use unique cards if you sell one or several products. If you sell lots of different products, we suggest connecting Tilda's Product Catalog.

More on creating an online store on Tilda 👉 https://help.tilda.cc/online-store-payments
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