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New Block: SM102 Social Media Links In One Column

🥳 The new block allows you to add full-screen width buttons with social media links. The buttons adapt to the specified width no matter how long is the text. It's especially handy for mobile devices: The icons are clear and large enough to tap quickly.

You can add as many buttons as you like by choosing among 24 standard social media options, e.g., Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Keep their brand colors or configure your own style in the Settings tab.

If you can't find the social media you need in the list or if you want to add a custom link, select "Website," upload a custom icon, and add any link starting with "https://"

☝️ For all buttons, you can specify custom text in the Content tab: Keep the default titles or add your copy. To rearrange the buttons, drag the items up and down. The cross symbol at the right allows you to quickly delete any button.

In the Settings tab, you can adjust the buttons' width and block position offset, choose the alignment, select the style for the arrow and buttons, and even add animation.

📌 Find the block in the "Social Media" category.

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