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Common Web Design Mistakes

🙅‍♂️ We've analyzed lots of websites to collect 30+ most common web design mistakes people make when creating projects on Tilda. Swipe left to see how mistakes can compromise your content.

▪️ Too Much Text in Narrow Columns
Why it's wrong: It's hard to read long texts organized in columns as you need to move your eyes too often. Few people will make the effort, most likely they just won't read it at all.
Solution: Shorten your text or don't use columns.

▪️ One Idea is Visually Split Into Two Sections
Why it's wrong: One thought may be perceived as two separate ones and confuse the visitors.
Solution: Unify the composition using common elements: for example, a single background color.

▪️ Too Many Styles on One Page
Why it's wrong: Multiple typefaces, colors, and styles confuse visitors and make it difficult to identify the emphasis. It also looks unprofessional, and visitors will have a hard time remembering what it's about.
Solution: Stick to one font and two weights, limit the use of colors, and don't mix different icon styles on one website.

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