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How To Increase Conversion With Clickable Contacts

Clickable contacts that take you straight to writing an email or making a call improve the user experience. Visitors don't have to copy an email or phone number, collapse their browser, paste the copied info, etc. One-click contact helps eliminate unnecessary actions and simplifies the feedback process. Here’s how.

📞 Clickable Phone Number

Open the Content tab of the block, select the phone number and add a link that looks like “tel:+1234567890” (without spaces). Done!

Desktop users will be prompted with a list of apps to place a call, such as FaceTime. If the number is clicked on a mobile device, the call starts right away.

@ Clickable Email Address

To make the email clickable, also add a link to it and specify the email address such as youremail@mysite.com. By clicking the email from any device, the user will be redirected to compose a new message in their email client.

If the email is linked to a button, specify the address starting with “mailto:” For example, “mailto:yourmail@mysite.com

Learn more about clickable contacts 👉 help.tilda.cc/clickable-contacts
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