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Landing Page Blocks: Image Gallery

A landing page is usually made from several blocks, each with a specific function. Let's take a closer look at the image gallery block.

👀 The Internet is visual. Showcase your product, its creation process, or your team using photos. This way people will learn more about your product or service, feel emotionally involved, and visualize what they'll be getting should they buy from you. This will help users make a decision.

📸 Use high-quality photographs. Make sure they're in focus, bright, and high-contrast. Even better if their style matches the design and mood of your website.

The gallery is not necessarily an image slider. Remember that each click is a micro decision that users need to take. If you want your visitors to see all the images, combine them together, and display them as a collage.

Tilda's Block Library currently includes 24 different blocks for creating a gallery. Find them in the "Gallery" category.

👉 Find more landing page tips on Tilda Education and in the 3d Chapter of the Landing Page Coursebook: https://tilda.education/en/courses/landing-page
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