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Personalized Landing Pages: Display Content Based On User Location📍

You can show different content to people who access your website from different locations. For instance, you can add different sets of social media icons for visitors from different countries or relevant phone numbers for people from different cities. To do that, use dynamic content by geolocation—depending on the country, region, or city.

Discover how to do it 👇

— To hide or show the block by location, use the T810 block from the "Other" category. For instance, create two different blocks with contacts and links to social media.

— To change the text in any block on the page, add the T804 block from the "Other" category. If you have offices in different cities, replace text and each visitor will see the relevant address based on their location.

— To redirect users who access the website from a certain location to another page, add the T808 block from the "Other" category. Use this option for multilingual landing pages.

📌 Find a guide on how to set up each of the blocks in its "Content" tab.

More about the dynamic content on Tilda 👉 https://help.tilda.cc/multilanding-geolanding
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