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🔶🔸 Contrast helps you manage user’s attention. It creates a visual hierarchy and directs the eye first to the key message and then to secondary elements.

Size contrast works well for highlighting the major object and making the composition stand out.

▪ Size Contrast In Typography

Font size for headings, subheadings, and main text should be noticeably different. This creates a visual hierarchy: Otherwise, the website will be impossible to navigate.

The contrast in #typography is often used for hero pages: It's a great solution when a product or service is hard to display or you have no images.

▪ Key phrases, figures, and quotes can also be emphasized with size. Avoid using more than 3 font styles in one section, otherwise, the layout will look overloaded.

▪ Size Contrast In Images

The larger the image, the more significant and noticeable it looks. You can increase the effect by adding a smaller image next to a large one and draw the attention to the major element, like a new product or special offer.

By juxtaposing large and small objects, you create visual expression and variety. Try placing images that differ in size next to each other—it would work well for an image gallery or hero section.
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