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How to Protect Yourself From Online Scammers

💻 Anyone who uses email, messengers, or social media has encountered online scams. They tend to send offers that sound too good to be true: a 6-month subscription for the price of one, 300 free online ads, etc. They pressure you into making an instant decision, clicking a button, entering your credit card details, and paying.

To avoid falling for these tricks, always evaluate the offer and pay attention to the little things. These tips will help you recognize and avoid scams.

❗️ Do not share the email address you use to sign in to your Tilda account
Share the email address linked to your Tilda account only with verified contacts. Ideally, use a different email for your Tilda login and for your portfolio contacts. This way, scammers won't be able to fetch your data from the Tilda website and use it to send emails.

❗️ Check the email of the suspicious sender
Scammers register an email that appears to be similar to a company's name, such as tilda.cc@internet.ru or help.tilda@website.com. Remember that Tilda only sends emails from the mailboxes that end with @tilda.cc.

Email clients usually display the name of the person who sends the email, and if you want to see their email address, you need to click on it. We recommend that you do this because an individual can set any sender's name; it's not unique.

❗️ Pay attention to email design
In emails, scammers often use the logo of another brand to make it look more credible. This is why you need to pay attention to the design of an email. If it's from scammers, it will look sloppy. Scammers do not waste time on adding high-quality images, adjusting indents, using the correct corporate colors, and other visual design must-haves.

❗️ Use a separate credit card for online purchases
Get a card that you will use only for online shopping, and top it up only as needed.

👋 If you received an email or a message via messenger and you question its authenticity, contact Tilda support from your personal account or email support@tilda.cc. If you received an email from a scammer, please let us know at https://tilda.cc/abuse.
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