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🌱 How To Grow As a Web Designer

Web design is a highly competitive industry that demands continuous learning and adaptability to stay relevant. If a web designer doesn't upgrade their skills and stay updated on the latest trends, they risk losing their competitive edge in the job market.

Explore effective ways to keep growing as a designer👇

Keep Up With Trends
Making good websites requires staying current with latest styles and trends. Follow relevant resources like web design awards, collect references you like, and try recreating them to put theory into practice.

Try New Things
Unique and innovative design solutions help websites stand out from the competition and engage visitors. Don't be afraid to get creative and experiment like designing a website using only one color.

Cultivate Curiosity
Expanding your general knowledge across various fields will make it easier for you to propose solutions to diverse businesses. Stay updated on developments in technologies, photography, video, etc.

Become a Speaker
Public speaking improves pitching skills, which are useful in client negotiations, and also enhances credibility as you're recognized as an expert. Attend online and offline conferences as a guest speaker.

Participate In Design Awards
Prestigious design awards serve as social proof for potential clients and also help increase visibility within the design community.

One of them is the #madeontilda gallery.

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