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Why Add a Map To Your Website

Embedding a map into your website is beneficial for many reasons, from providing visitors with a quick way to locate your physical location to improving the website visibility. Let's figure out the most important reasons to include a map on your site. 👇

Make It Easier For Clients To Find Your Locations
A visual indication of your business location will help customers find you faster. If you have multiple locations, add all of them to the map so people can choose the best option. There is no limit to the number of dots on one map.

Improve User Experience
People won't have to copy the address, browse the map, and paste it there. They will instantly see where you are and make a quicker decision about visiting your store, restaurant, or salon.

Increase Website Visibility
When a user searches for businesses in your area, search engines display results based on their location. With a map, search crawlers will recognize your company as a local business and boost your position in search results.

How Do I Add a Map On Tilda?
Use the SN4XX map blocks from the "Contacts" category or the T143 block from the "Other" category. In the “Content” tab, add the Key you received beforehand and specify the location. You can either enter the coordinates or find the desired dot on the map by clicking "Search on the map." You can add as many dots as you like.

Learn more about getting keys and connecting a Google map: https://help.tilda.cc/google-maps
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