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💻 How To Move a Website To Tilda And Don't Lose Rankings

Moving an existing website to another platform might seem difficult, time-consuming, and risky for search result visibility.

Discover how to move your website to Tilda without hassle and maintain SEO rankings👇

1. Maintain Website Structure
Keep page names and URL structures consistent. For example, if the About Us page had "about" in its URL, it must be the same on Tilda.

If you change URLs, the system will perceive them as new pages and will have to crawl, index and rank them all over again.

2. Set Up 301 Redirects
If you need to change page URLs, set up a 301 redirect for them. This tells search engines that one page has replaced another, helping maintain rankings.

Where to find: Site Settings → SEO → 301 Redirects → Manage.

Then add the old and new page addresses.

3. Transfer Content
When moving content, ensure to transfer everything, including title tags for headings and alt text for images. If you find structure errors like having multiple H1 tags, fix them by keeping only one.

4. Transfer Meta Tags
Ensure you transfer meta tags such as the page's Title and Description. Each page should have unique meta tags for proper indexing.

Note that the information you specify in the page's General tab will also appear in search results as the page's title and description.

5. Use Google Search Console
Adding your website to Google Search Console will help you closely monitor your website's performance, promptly fix errors, and receive optimization recommendations.

Learn how to add a website to Google Search Console: https://help.tilda.cc/search-engine#google

6. Give Crawlers Time
It usually takes search engine crawlers about two weeks to recrawl the most recent version of a page and index it. If you see that your website is visible in search results, it's time to implement the next step.

7. Continue Optimizing Your Website
SEO is an ongoing process, so continue experimenting with content. Implement changes gradually to assess their impact on ranking.

Also, monitor for critical errors such as slow loading or broken links to avoid any negative impact on user experience and search engine performance.

For guidance on technical SEO, check out Tilda's Ultimate SEO Tutorial: https://youtu.be/O4tgWFBa0pI
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