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4 Tips for Dark Website Design

Dark websites look trendy and premium. Here are simple tips to help you create a quality dark website design and avoid common mistakes.

1. Attention To Colors And Contrast
The website should be easy and effortless to read. Too much or too little contrast makes the text less reader-friendly.

Tip: If you design a website with white text on the black background, use lighter variations of the black color #000000. Consider the #121212 or #1f1f1f.

2. Don't Overdo It With Accent Colors
Dark background is rich in color, so don't use more than two additional colors—one as the main color and another as an accent color. Try to keep color proportion unequal.

Tip: If there is a lot of text in the block, make the less important texts a bit more transparent. This will help you highlight the key elements and reduce the visual weight of the elements.

3. Choose Suitable Font And Weight
Use fonts with a strong contrast between thick and thin lines carefully. They make text difficult to read and are even less likely to be read on a black background.

4. Dark Background + Minimalist Design Gives the Premium Look
If you design a website for a luxury brand, use this style to present the content attractively.

The trend for dark website design will continue to evolve in 2022. Major IT companies have introduced dark themes for their product interfaces, and this trend is also affecting web design.
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