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How to Increase Online Sales

Typically, not all products in the online store are purchased equally often. To increase sales of selected items, add discounts or labels to make them more visible. You can highlight new products, seasonal offers, limited collections, etc. Here's how to do it.

🏷 Offering discounts usually increases sales. Since you offer the visitor an additional benefit and encourage them to make a purchase.

Set the pre-discount price in the "Old Price" field in the Catalog or in the Content panel of the block, and it will appear next to the current price. By default, the old price is crossed out and displayed in gray, but you can change the color in block Settings → Typography.

Apply seasonal discounts, run holiday deals, or sell certain items at a permanent discount. Try different options to see what works best for your store.

🏷 Another way to draw attention to products is to highlight the item. Add a label with a short word placed in the corner of the product card. Labels highlight selected features and make the product stand out. For example, you can add the label "New" to new arrivals or "Limited" to limited-edition items.

If a new or limited status doesn’t work for your audience, you can highlight any other product category that will help increase sales for your store.

You can add the mark to products uploaded manually as well as products from the catalog.

To add a label, find the field "Card Mark (for example, SALE, NEW, -50%)" and enter the text you need. Don't make it long so that the label won't cover the product image.

Change the label background color and text in the Settings panel of the block. Choose whichever style suits you, but make sure the label doesn't blend in with the image and the text is legible.

⚡️ The label on the card can be combined with a discount: Specify the discount on the label, such as 15% off. Now you can clearly show the benefit to the buyer and get additional attention.
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