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Steps to Create a Landing Page

📌 When it comes to creating a landing page, it's useful to break the process down into stages. Here are 5 steps to structure an effective landing page from conducting research to building a prototype and designing your page.

Step 1. Competitor analysis
Products satisfy certain needs. To identify competitors, pay attention not only to the similar offers but also ask yourself: "What else can satisfy the same need?"

🤓 If you're offering an online time management course, your competitors might be books, business coaches, or even a secretary.

Step 2. Target audience analysis
Narrow down the audience and combine the Persona and Jobs to be done methods. Once you define detailed customer profiles, such as "PR manager for a large corporation" or "final year art student", it will be easier to understand their doubts and challenges and offer solutions that will resonate with them.

Step 3. Write your landing page copy
Each website tells a story. Knowing who your listeners will be and what they expect makes it easier to structure the text. Use the personas' questions, group them, and arrange them in a logical order to get a meaningful narrative.

☝️ Say, you're selling backpacks for students, then your website is a story about a backpack that won't rip, and in which you can put all your gadgets.

Step 4. Prototyping
To make a website map, try to "translate" your narrative into website elements: cover page, text blocks, lists of advantages, galleries, contacts with a map and a phone number, etc.

💫 Use Tilda's Block Library that is divided into sections like "About us", "Benefits", "Features" and so on. No need to reinvent the wheel: choose a design block for each section and modify it as you like.

Step 5. Design
People will buy your products not because your website looks nice. They will buy a course if they believe that it will help them increase their salary.

😎 Key takeaway: Focus on effective visual communication rather than spending hours looking for nice pictures.

Read the 2d Chapter of the Tilda Landing Page Course to learn how to think in screens, draft your offer, implement the Personas table, etc. 👉 https://tilda.link/course-chapter2
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