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How To Make a Special Offer Landing Page

If you are running a sale, a giveaway, or another promo campaign and want to spread the word about it, collect all the details on a landing page. This way, it's easier to announce the campaign and link to it in your ads, newsletters, and social media. Here's what you need to make your page more attractive 👉

Define Your Goals
First, think why you want to run the campaign, who your target audience is, and what results you want to achieve, e.g., to attract new customers or to encourage existing ones to make repeat purchases. The website should meet the purpose of the campaign and help you reach your goals.

Keep It Simple
The promotion should be simple and provide a clear benefit to the client. If the page is too complex, the visitor may be overwhelmed. If you can’t simplify the content, try to divide the actions into steps making it clear for the visitors what exactly they need to do.

Limit the Duration Of the Campaign
The promotion should be limited in time to encourage people to participate. Specify the deadline and emphasize it with a countdown timer. To add a pre-designed countdown to the page, add a CR34 or CR35 block from the "Cover" category.

Display the Core Value On Top Of the Page
The promo page should be short and contain the key message right in the first section. In the heading, phrase the benefit for participants in a single sentence, e.g., "Buy a subscription and get a chance to win a MacBook Pro 2023." In the subheading, briefly expand on the point, add deadline details, an image, and a button.
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