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How To Organize Pages On Tilda

🤯 Navigating among lots of pages in your personal account can get confusing... You may publish an unfinished draft by mistake or delete something important. Discover how to organize pages in your Tilda account using folders, labels, and comments →

🏷 Labels
Labels are the page tags that are visible only in your Tilda account. They help filter and highlight pages. Labels can indicate the stages of the page—work in progress, prototype, published—or the purpose of the page: Event signup, newsletter subscription, etc. Labels are clickable: If you click it, all pages with this tag will be displayed. To add a label, go to the Page Settings → Additional.

💬 Comments
Use comments for more detailed and longer remarks in your personal account. You can add them for yourself or for your client. E.g., you can note what blocks are missing on the page or what needs to be updated. Comments are also added in the Page Settings.

📂 Folders
Folders help you group the website pages. To create a Folder, go to the Page Settings → Additional, and click "Create new folder". You can place all pages in a folder except for the Home Page, Header, and Footer.

How To Publish Specific Folders
To publish all pages from a folder, open the folder and click "Publish all pages". If you want to do the opposite and publish all pages except for a specific folder, select the "Archive folder" checkbox in the Folder settings and save changes.
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