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Verify Your Website Ownership

Verify Your Website Ownership

💻 So you've built several websites for your portfolio, created your personal website, and are now open to finding new clients. How can you confirm ownership of your designs? It's simple with Tilda Website Designer ID.

A Website Designer ID is a unique identity code for each person registered with Tilda Experts, an online catalog of professional Tilda designers. Each ID consists of several letters and numbers.

You can find a Website Designer ID in your Tilda Experts account → Identity code. Copy the key, go to the settings of the website you created → More, then paste the key into a special field. The website will be automatically added to your Tilda Experts portfolio.

📌 The ownership verification will remain even if you transfer the website to your client's account. The ID feature is not available for free Tilda accounts.

Create your Tilda Experts portfolio: 👉 https://experts.tilda.cc
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