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Track UTM Advanced Stats

📈 Website statistics now feature detailed stats for each UTM tag. UTM tags allow you to track where people are visiting your site from and evaluate the ad campaign performance. This is now easier to do with Tilda's built-in tools.

In the advanced UTM stats, you can see daily and monthly performance. You can also track session and lead trends on the chart and see the total numbers for the period. You can track device types and conversion rates by date and see overall stats. It's handy for both long-term and short-term campaigns.

🧙You can follow the user's further journey—statistics will show you what pages people have visited most often after clicking the UTM-tagged link. You can also see the number of events—leads, payments, pop-ups, or button clicks—in the "Events" tab.

The location of the visitors who have clicked the UTM-tagged link is displayed in the Top-10 cities and countries.

To find the UTM tags statistics, go to Site Settings → Analytics → Website Statistics → UTM parameters. Select the tag in the list and click it to open its advanced statistics.
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