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Shaped Dividers: DV12 Block

〰️ You can separate sections on a web page in many ways. Discover geometric color dividers between blocks and how to use them for your project 〰️

When Can I Use Shaped Dividers?
Shaped dividers work best for websites with casual designs. Such dividers catch the eye, so be careful not to let the content become secondary to the design.
Tip: Don't use different dividers on the same page and keep the borders consistent with the style of other elements.

Why Should I Use Shaped Dividers?
Visitors should easily navigate the website and instantly notice where one section finishes and another begins. A shaped divider between blocks is a bright and bold approach to separating two blocks.
On Tilda, you can select between 3 styles of dividers: Zigzag, Arrow, and Skew. Choose what suits your website's mood and style best.
E.g., for a clear geometric design, a symmetrical arrow will work better than a dynamic zigzag.

How Do I Add The Shaped Border?
Add a DV12 block from the "Divider" category to the page → select the required shape style in the Settings of the block, and set up the details such as vertical distortion and scale.
If you want to use a unique border such as a wave with smooth, streamlined elements, you can do it in Zero Block. Design a divider in SVG and add it as a Shape element. Choose the Window Container positioning and a 100% width.**
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