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How to Develop a Good Eye And Spot Trends

Discover how to generate fresh design ideas and stay tuned to the latest trends:

👉 Watch
Get a new visual experience daily. Browse the industry resources while having a cup of coffee, follow inspiring websites in the #madeontilda gallery, etc. And give attention to the world around you: Architecture, book covers, patterns in nature...

👉 Follow Designers And Studios
Subscribe to their accounts on social media, discover new projects, and be in touch with trends. It's better if your selection of designers and studios is diverse and includes various styles and approaches—so your eye doesn't get tired of similar techniques.

👉 Bookmark Screenshots Or Websites You Like
Note what exactly caught your attention and how you can develop the ideas you have liked. Go back to the saved screenshots sometimes—you may notice something new or change your opinion.

👉 Look For Trends
Try to look for not only what's different and outstanding, but also for what keeps repeated from website to website—you'll be able to catch common trends and features. Bookmarks come in handy here as they may help you spot the pattern.

👉 See If the Trends You've Found Fit Your Design
Not every trend will work for your goals and fit in the project as every visual solution has its specific function. Try to avoid quickly using the solutions you like, first, figure out how and for whom these trends work.

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