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🔥 Meet the “Digital Marketing Course” from the Tilda Team!

10 chapters to help you understand what steps you need to take in order to promote your website with easy-to-follow guides, expert advice and case studies. Great for newbies, busy people, startup teams, and anyone who wants to market their project online.

👉 How To Get the Course?

The Course is free and comes as a bonus with any annual Tilda subscription. This way, you have the tool and the guidelines for a successful launch.

👉 What Will You Learn?

You’ll be able to create landing pages, work with web analytics and SEO, promote websites on social media, building content marketing, launch search advertising campaigns and email marketing, conduct A/B testing, and more.

Read the first chapter for free: https://tilda.education/en/courses/marketing/what-is-digital-marketing

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