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Responsive Preview for Different Devices

📱You can now preview your website on different devices—smartphone, tablet, or desktop—right inside the editor.

Responsive preview comes in handy if you're setting up different blocks for the desktop and mobile versions and want to make sure that your settings are correct. Also, it's great if you want to adjust spacing specifically for the mobile version in the block settings.

Where do I find the responsive preview?
Click the "Preview" button in the editor and hover over the laptop icon in the lower left corner to switch between five versions of your website.

You'll see how the blocks adapt to the chosen resolution. It's a real timesaver as you don't need to re-publish the web page and open it on a different device to see what it looks like anymore.

📌 After your website goes live, don't forget to check what it looks like on real devices as some functions—a third-party code, for example—are not displayed in a preview mode.

Learn more about adjusting your website for mobile devices in our Help Center 👉 https://help.tilda.ws/mobile-version
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