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Getting Featured In the #madeontilda Website Gallery

#madeontilda is a gallery of the best Tilda-made websites. It helps designers find inspiration and make a splash in the community, increase brand awareness, and attract more clients.

The gallery is organized into categories such as Business, Online Store, Portfolio, etc., making it easy to navigate. Additionally, users can express their appreciation for websites by giving them a like.

🚀 How #madeontilda Can Boost Your Career As a Web Designer
Each #madeontilda post links to the respective website. It’s a good idea to include your credentials to the project so that viewers will have a chance to explore your other works.

Featured websites with outstanding designs and intricate animations also get a chance of being showcased on Tilda's Instagram and X, providing greater exposure.

Some #madeontilda websites also win prizes and earn honorable mentions in contests like Awwwards and CSS Design Awards

"It's not easy to get featured in #madeontilda, but it is well worth it. The gallery consists of great websites that receive international recognition."
© Valeria Francis, Web Designer and Awwwards jury member

📩 How To Submit a Website?
Click "Submit a website" on the tilda.cc/madeontilda page, paste the website URL, and click "Send."

Submissions are reviewed within a few business days by the Tilda Design Team. If accepted, your website will be posted in the gallery under the relevant category.

🔧 To increase your chances of being featured, ensure that your website:
• has a well-structured layout and up-to-date links
• uses high-quality images optimized for the web
• is user-friendly and mobile-friendly
• does not contain any instances of plagiarism

🤞 If Your Website Got Rejected
Keep trying! An ordinary business website made using ready-made templates won't bring you a mention, submit only unique and design-focused websites.

If your previous submissions didn't succeed, it might be a sign to try something different. Step out of your comfort zone and create a passion project, using tools and techniques you don't usually use in your daily work.
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