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🗺️ Navigation Menu Types

A navigation menu is essential for any website, helping visitors easily find their way around. There are different types, such as hamburger, breadcrumbs, tabs, etc.

Learn how they differ and which menu blocks to use for your Tilda website👇

Hamburger Menu
ME401-ME405 Blocks

👁️ Three horizontal lines in the corner reveal the full menu when clicked.

🛠️ Often used in mobile version to avoid layout clutter.

Breadcrumb Menu
ME605 Block

👁️ A trail of clickable text that directs to the desired page.

🛠️ Shows current location, along with previous and subsequent pages.

Tabbed Menu
ME602, ME603 Blocks

👁️ Interactive tabs that display different content when clicked.

🛠️ Great for displaying similar content divided into categories.

Mega Menu
ME601, ME601A, ME601B Blocks

👁️ Hovering reveals a dropdown list with the site's entire contents.

🛠️ Perfect for large multipage websites with a complex structure.

Sidebar Menu
ME901 Block

👁️ A vertical bar with links located on either side of the page.

🛠️ Ideal for multi-item lists with subsections, and may include a search bar.

Icon-Based Menu
ME401-ME405 Blocks

👁️ A bar with icons for shopping cart, search box, and favorites.

🛠️ Particularly useful for ecommerce sites with a Product catalog.

You can use Zero Block to create a unique navigation menu containing custom items from stretch, and fix it anywhere on the page.

To fix the menu, go to Artboard SettingsPosition and overflowFixed under Position.

Learn more about designing navigation menus in the Tilda Help Center: https://help.tilda.cc/menu.
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