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10 Rules of Digital Storytelling

💫 What if your website could be a fascinating multimedia story with amazing visuals and fine typography? A website that makes your visitors say "WOW" and send the link to their friends. Tilda CEO and Founder Nikita Obukhov shares his tips on digital storytelling.

✨ Highlights from the article:
▪️No matter what you do – sell shoes, develop software, or teach languages – you have a story. By prototyping your website and choosing the order of its sections, you create a storyline.

▪️Use the pyramid method: Start from the most important statement and then go into the details.

▪️ How to decide what to cut and what to keep in your story? People only need relevant and useful info. All the rest you can cut :)

▪️Shape the mood of your website by choosing the right font. For example, Helvetica fits in well with modern designs that reflect the New York City aesthetic, as it is used for signage in the New York City subway.

👀 Make your content skim-friendly: We glance through the large items first and only keep reading if we spot something interesting. Add catchy facts and figures to your headlines, quotes, and images.

Discover the full list of the digital storytelling tips: https://tilda.education/en/articles-10-rules-of-storytelling
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