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Landing Page Blocks: Usage Scenarios and Product Benefits

💫 The landing page is usually made of several blocks, each with a specific function. In this post, you'll discover functional blocks that present product usage scenarios and benefits to the customer.

The scenario shows an example of how to use the product or describes who might need the service and when. The benefit is what the customer gets after the purchase. Tell them who your course is right for, how your app will improve their lives, or how the product will help them.

🤩 Client benefits are similar to advantages and focus on the product. Scenarios focus on the customer and highlight what they will get, why they need a product, and why they should consider buying it. Usage scenario blocks show your clients what problem you're solving and how their lives will improve if they buy your product or order a service from you, not the features or benefits of the product itself.

Here's an example. Let's say you sell fresh fruit subscription boxes. Competitive advantages of your service are the fruit quality, low prices, and two-hour delivery slots. Vitamins from fresh fruit, saving money, and not having to go to the store for fresh fruit - these are the benefits the customer receives.

You can find these blocks in the Features category in the Tilda Block Library. For usage scenarios, choose lists, brief descriptions, and images.

👉 Learn more about other functional blocks in Chapter 3 of our free Landing Page Coursebook: https://tilda.education/en/courses/landing-page/landing-page-anatomy
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