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The Basics of a Landing page

⚡️ Landing page is a handy marketing device that helps you promote whatever you work on. One page, one offer, one action. Here are the basics from the 1st chapter of Tilda's free Landing Page Course.

When to create a landing page?
You need a landing page when you have a clear idea of what you are selling and to whom. If your value proposition can be conveyed by a button, you are good to go.

🎯 Unlike a regular website, landing page encourages visitors to perform a specific action. It can be anything: sign up for a newsletter, buy a conference ticket, download a whitepaper, etc.

To make it work, you need to add a call to action button. For a regular website, it's OK if the user reads and remembers some pieces of information. This doesn't work for landing pages. There's no lading page without a button.

It's crucial to clearly list the benefits of you offer. Choices are hard, and people don't enjoy making them. They want to be convinced. You know how tough it can be to decide which movie to watch or which pizza to order. A landing page helps people make a decision and reaffirms them that the choice is right.

🤓 Example from the course: Alex is designing a landing page for a conference. He asked visitors to submit their emails. In return, his subscribers received a free invitation to his webinar. After proving to be a professional, Alex sold his consulting services during the webinar.

To get an action plan, clarify your message, and create a draft, read the first chapter of Tilda's free Landing Page Course 👉https://tilda.link/course-chapter1
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