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Update: Online Course Builder

🎉 New Feature: Tilda Online Course Builder. 👩‍🎓 You can now create a course for a wide audience or build lectures for employees using the Tilda Online Course Builder. More about the new feature 👉 tilda.cc/lp/course-builder

Various content formats are available for your classes: Upload pre-recorded videos or host live streams, post text articles, and create quizzes so that students can test their knowledge.

Invite students to complete homework assignments to practice their skills. Course tutors can grade papers, assign grades, and give feedback to students.

Organize the learning process as you like: Open access to lectures sequentially as students progress through the course, or at a certain time, or make them available at all times.

You can open access to the course automatically after payment on the website, manually, or with a course signup form.

To use the new feature, go to Site Settings → Membership → Create new course.

🌿 Share knowledge and expertise with your audience—create your own course on Tilda. The Courses feature comes with Tilda Personal and Tilda Business paid plans. No need to pay any extra fees.
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