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4 Principles to Write a Powerful Headline

🧐 The main question your website visitors want answered is: What is the offer? The right headline will answer this question and get your visitor interested. Here's a 4 U's technique to help write a great headline.

The 4 U's formula is the four principles for writing a winning headline:

1. Useful
The reason your client needs you. "Save, Improve, Secure, Feed, Delight," the heading begins with an imperative.

2. Unique
That is what sets you apart from the competition. For example, a better-priced offer, such as "Our cottage is half the price of an apartment," or an exclusive product: "Innovative security system."

3. Ultra-Specific
Customer benefit measured in figures. "Save up to $2000," "Increase your conversion rate by 70%."

4. Urgent
Time-limited offer. "Buy with a discount until August 15," "Use the platform for 30 days free."

If you can't fit all the 4 U's in the headline, use a subheading.

👋 There's another version of the formula: 4U+K. "K" is a keyword integrated into a headline for SEO. For example, for the word combination "makeup artist consultation" you could write the following heading: “From August 10 to the end of the fall: Free makeup consultation, like on Fashion TV.”
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