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New Link in Bio Template for Designers

👌 It's handy for designers to collect contact information, links, and portfolio on a single web page—this way you can easily share the link with clients and prospects and add it to the Instagram account as a link in bio.

View the template: https://tilda.cc/tpls/page/?q=designeroninstagram

The new template is made by designers for designers—it's elegant, user-friendly, and visually attractive. With a black background and neat typography, it draws attention to the vibrant portfolio projects. You can add a photo or a logo, your name, short bio, and URLs to your website together with your contact info.

It's a good idea to post projects you're proud of in the portfolio grid. Don't forget to add links to your social media profiles.

✨ Find other link-in-bio templates in the "Contacts" category when creating a new page for your projects.
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