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Get Your eCommerce Ready For Holiday Season

In 2022, Black Friday starts at midnight on November 25 and runs through the weekend, followed by Cyber Monday on November 28. See how you can prepare your online store for the hottest shopping period of the year.
👉 Set Measurable & Achievable Goals
Before launching a promo campaign, decide what you expect from it. "Selling as much as possible" isn't the most practical goal, as it is hard to measure and draw any conclusions.
Instead, set specific goals that will help you choose the best products and discounts. After the sale, analyze how well the results meet your goals and what you can change next time.

👉 Check Stock and Delivery Availability
If you're using Tilda's Product Catalog, the stock availability is updated automatically after each purchase. Set up product booking before purchase to secure selected items while the customer continues to browse the website.
Update delivery info as it may take longer than usual during holiday shopping. Set realistic time frames so you don't deceive customers and raise the chances that people will come back to you after the sale.
To set up product reservations, go to Site Settings → Payment systems → General settings of payment systems → Book a product.

👉 Add Multiple Payment Methods & Feedback Widgets
Get ready to answer questions and help customers if something goes wrong. Prepare help center scripts in advance so that you reply promptly during the sale.
Make sure that payment systems are connected correctly and website visitors can choose a convenient way to pay.

🤓 Find more tips in the guide "17 Tips To Prepare Your Online Store For Holiday Sales": https://tilda.education/en/articles-black-friday
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