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How To Store And Organize Design References

There are different ways of collecting and storing design references like bookmarking web pages that caught your imagination or taking screenshots of creative design ideas and saving them to a dedicated folder on your computer. As your collection of references grows, it becomes a challenge to quickly find the one you need. Here are some tips and tools to help you organize your references.

Create a Folder Structure
Instead of having one big folder with an endless number of files, create several subfolders and categorize them by color, style, typography, etc., so you have an image library where each reference is highly findable.

Use Pinterest
Pinterest mood boards are a great tool for uploading images or saving them from other accounts. You can create a secret—i.e. private—board or a public one that allows you to invite others to collaborate. Pinterest, being the second most popular image-based social network, is also a great place to find design inspiration.

Use Telegram Messenger
Telegram allows creating an unlimited amount of private channels for free where you can be the only member and post any content that only you can see. Upload collected references there—images, screenshots, links—and use hashtags like #typography, #illustrations, #composition, etc., to navigate them easily.

Use Reference Management Software
There are a bunch of digital asset management tools like Eagle that can help you collect, organize and browse your reference images. Files can be saved via a browser extension, and then sorted into categories and folders. You can also add tags and notes to each image so it’s easier to find the right one.
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