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{Three Formulas} to Create Website Headlines

👋 The hero page with the headline is the first thing people see on your website. The headline briefly describes your product and answers the main questions at once. To make your offer as effective as possible, use formulas to create a good title.

The offer in the headline should be specific and very clear at a glance. It convinces people to stay on the website, send a request, or buy the product. And you have just seconds and a couple of lines to catch their attention. Headline formulas help you prioritize and organize key information about your product or service in a simple sentence. Here are three effective formulas:

1. {Product attribute} [SEO phrase] designed to [clients' benefit]

This formula helps you explain the features of a product and show how it's useful and what clients' problems it solves. E.g., "Easy-to-use email marketing service designed to create newsletters faster and save time."

2. {Adjective} + [Product / Service] for [target audience's description]

This is a direct appeal to the target audience and it may be irrelevant to the random visitors. However, your core audience will immediately relate to it. E.g., "Learn HTML online from scratch and start coding in two months."

3. [Action] + [SEO phrase] in [time]

The action title formula won't let you tell about the features, advantages, and benefits, but will motivate visitors to take the action at once. E.g., "Create professional presentations in under 30 min." 

There are plenty of formulas out there. No matter which one you choose, try to focus on the main benefit and understand what you want to tell in the first place.

💫 Remember to select H1 in "SEO: Title Tag" in the Block Settings. It's important for SEO optimization and helps search engines quickly grasp your page structure and define the main headline.
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