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⚡ Gradients And Masks In Vector Editor

In Tilda’s Zero Block you can now apply gradient effects to vector objects and modify masks in SVG files imported to the editor. Discover how you can use it 👇

Applying Gradients
You can now apply linear and radial gradients to vector elements. The feature works for the fill and stroke colors.

Where to find: Add Vector → double-click it → Fill or Stroke → switch “Solid” to Linear or Radial

You can also import and edit SVG files containing gradients created in other graphic editors. To import a file, right-click on the artboard and select “Import SVG here” in the context menu.

Editing Masks In Imported SVG Files
If you upload an SVG file that contains vector objects as clipping masks to Tilda, it will be properly imported and ready to be modified without needing third-party software.

Learn more about vector editor and its features: https://blog-en.tilda.cc/vector-element-in-zero-block
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