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New Footer in the Block Library 💫

👣 Tilda Block Library update: a new footer with an icon, title, tabs, and text at the bottom FT601. Let's see what this block has to offer.

This large footer will work if you want to add lots of information and simplify the website navigation. Organize all the important links to the website’s sections in tabs so that the visitors will be able to quickly find what they need.

Tabs are added just like the menu items, therefore, it's easy to move, copy, or hide them. The number of items in the menu is unlimited: you can add as many as you need.

You can place an icon or company logo and a large heading above the tabs on top, and add a short piece of text—a marketing copy, for instance—to the bottom of the block.

The footer width, spacing, and alignment can all be adjusted in the Settings panel of the block. The menu items’ styles can also be modified: you can make them change on hover, edit the style of the selected item, and more.
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